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2015 in Review

by journey01 on Jan.27, 2016, under Uncategorized

Well its official. I think I’m getting old. :) Running is slowing downnnnnnn… Looking through my coffee-stained 2015 log, 718.50 miles for the year and it appears I didn’t have any extended periods of no running… just a few days at a time occasionally. So that’s cool. I usually have one patch during the year where I just give up for a while – either from boredom, some ache/pain or the “i just dont wanna’s”.

2015 Missoula Half Marathon

2015 Missoula Half Marathon

We ran 1 half marathon this year.. The Missoula Half in July. With the help of our trainer friend Amy, her and I managed to FINALLY convince Lori to run one. :) Actually… it didnt take that much convincing this time around. Pretty sure she always wanted to do it. She just went after it this time. & It was fun. Its a nice route. Rained on us lightly early on but dried up pretty soon after the start of the run. Lori was very excited when we were done to have one under her belt. We plan to do it again this year, as well as Run to the Pub (currently training for that one in March)… Lori’s caught the fever now. Yes… NOW THAT I’M OLD! :) haha.

I did manage to accidentally be #1 in my age group in a 5k event this year. So that was kind of fun. I put on my LAST What Women Want Fun Run this year. I decided 10 years was plenty and it was time to turn it over to the Tribune and let them take care of it now – seeing as how I’ve been gone from them since 2008!! I’ll still put on the

1st Place!!

1st Place!!

Kickin Half in September. For now.

I bought a dreadmill just after Christmas. We used to have one but it was old & weighed a ton and was noisy as HELL. So it went away a long time ago. Now we have a nice new quiet one. Wanted it for those non-running days (is there such a thing??) where I just want to get my steps in while watching something on TV OR I simply don’t want to (usually wind related) or cant get outside (typically work related). So far so good… Even Chriss is using it so that’s cool.

So this year I ran in Cheyenne quite a bit. Ugh. SO tough to get acclimated there in just a few days. But Cheyenne it was… & obviously Great Falls, Missoula, Vancouver, WA and on the Coast in Ocean Park, WA. I didn’t manage to get a run in while in Vegas… just a LOT of walking for the conference. I did the Du 5k, the Half, Children’s Museum runs and then for the first time I ran the Mt Cup. and OMG. “Sure.. I’ll run it with you guys… how hard can 5-6 miles be?” Well. When the first 4 miles are straight up a mountain? It’s hard. Good lord. My good friend Ann W. pulled my ass through that one. I woulda just walked back to my car at several points if she’d have let me!! But she dragged me up the mountain. I think I drafted behind her that last downhill mile. :) For the past several years, I’ve not run many races so 2015 was kinda fun in that respect. We continued to participate in the Peak Project, PowerPump and running with the Blister Sisters group + running stairs with Branch Brady in CMR. THAT’S a fun time. “Come run stairs with us… it’ll be fun” they said again.
I gotta stop believing all these yahoos with the long skinny legs.


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