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Running with a (running-crazy) former HS Track Coach….

by journey01 on Feb.18, 2014, under Everyday runs, Training

3 floors of running hell... :)

3 floors of running hell... :)

So.  I heard about the former CMR  HS track coach running with a group of hard core runners inside the High School.  Some of these folks are my running friends, some I did not know.   I thought to myself… I’ll go check that out.  How hard can it be, right?  Running inside.  No ice, snow, cold or wind… right?    Cake.

mmm hhmmm. HA.

Well.  Consider the workout names… “Miracle Mile”, “40 Stairs”… getting the picture?  No?  Well how about this…  The building is three floors with four stairwells in the center of the building… appropriately named the NE, SE, NW and SW stairwells.  Can you guess what happens next?

You start with a mile warm up around the interior perimeter of the building.  The guys in the group are BLAZIN fast… so I am doomed during the warm up just trying to keep up.  There’s a several women (besides me) who also run.  They are fast as well.  I am not fast.  In fact, I want to die by the time the freakin’ WARMUP is over with.  Then Branch (coach’s name) says… inevitably that we are doing the “40 Stairs workout”.  I swear we do that one every time I go.  I just know we do.  “40 Stairs” is 10 times up and down each stairwell – all three flights, all four stairwells.   All the way down, all the way back up = 1.  T.E.N. times.  EACH.  I can never figure out where I am.  It’s too hard to keep track of which stairwell you are on when you can’t breathe.  In fact… by the time we reach the top of the first set of 10, I think my legs are concrete.  But… we press on.  “We?” you say?  Well, yes.  I had to recruit my friend to run with me so I wasn’t the only one that was 14 stairwell reps behind the cheetahs….. I mean, other runners.   Along with enjoying her company, she also manages to count the reps and keep track of which stairwell we’re supposed to be on.  :)  So that’s handy since counting, breathing and knowing where I am at don’t mix for me.  It’s all I can do to concentrate enough to not trip on the stairs.

I’ve had a heckuva time with the workouts the last couple weeks because of an angry Achilles.  I’ve made it through most of them but have had to bail on a couple workouts mid run.  But damn they are hard.  My Garmin/heart rate monitor tells me just how hard they are.  Usually by the end of the run, whichever workout it is, we’ve run approximately 3 miles of stairs and laps inside the building.  3 miles and usually well over 450 calories burned.  Heart rate averages around 150-160 bpm.  They are definitely whipping me into shape, that is for sure.  Branch is a great coach.  He’s been very welcoming and encouraging.  Everyone in the group in fact has been welcoming and encouraging.  I just have to giggle when the guys lap us for the 5th time and say “Good job ladies!”  Makes me laugh.

But…. I’m not there to keep up with them.  I’ll never be that fast.  I’ll improve, yes.  I already have.  I’ll get faster and stronger… and that’s all that matters to me.  It’s just for me.  It’s been fun to do something so totally different and so exquisitely challenging.  I’m totally drenched and exhausted when the workout is over but I’m always very happy I went.

I’ll go again maybe tomorrow.  Where we’ll probably do…… 40 stairs. ;)



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